Boost Your Business Operations with QuoteMachine’s Integration with QuickBooks Online

In the world of retail, staying competitive means leveraging the right tools. With the shift to digital operations becoming the norm, it’s crucial to have robust, efficient software at the heart of your operations. If you’ve recently transitioned to QuickBooks Online, or are planning to, integrating it with QuoteMachine can simplify and streamline your business operations.

QuoteMachine’s integration offers a range of powerful features designed to help you scale and improve your business operations:

Streamlined quoting, ordering and invoicing: Generate professional and interactive quotes, orders, and invoices directly from QuoteMachine using real-time inventory data from QuickBooks, saving time and ensuring accuracy. All updates to customer information or inventory will reflect in both systems and any payments taken through QuoteMachine or QuickBooks will also sync both ways to keep your accounts up-to-date.

Advanced order management: Create and manage sales orders seamlessly and link it to purchase orders in QuickBooks allowing for efficient order tracking and fulfillment. QuoteMachine’s integration also allows QuickBooks users to finally reserve inventory for specific orders. You can also take advantage of customizable order statuses to keep your team organized and update it as the order progresses to keep your customers in the loop! 

Enhanced reporting and analytics: Gain valuable insights into your customer engagement such as when they’ve opened an email, how many times they’ve viewed your proposal and even how long they spent on it. Additionally, you can also take advantage of custom fields and statuses to keep track of the sales and your customer journey.

Simplified sales process: Easily create pre-built templates with or without products to save your team time on building quotes, orders, and invoices. Not only can you convert all quotes and orders into invoices for easy tracking, but you can also generate multiple invoices for the same order if needed. Keep track of all customer communication in one place and collaborate with your team to manage sales together. 

Seamless payment collection: QuoteMachine allows you to send payment links via email or SMS to allow customers to pay for quotes, orders, or invoices through their desired device. You can collect partial payments throughout the sale process and even save cards on file to charge a card after. If you need to take payments in person, QuoteMachine also integrates with popular POS platforms such as Lightspeed, Shopify, and Square. 

Beyond these features, QuoteMachine has built-in tools for appointment creation, account statement automation, recurring billing, and more to provide a comprehensive and versatile solution to your business needs.

To see if our integration suits your specific needs and sales operations, book a 1:1 demo with our team today where we can walk you through the software based on your workflow or sign up below using your QuickBooks account!

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