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QuoteMachine offers a complete sales solution for home automation and security businesses to manage sales to residential or commercial clients. One platform to manage it all from the initial consultation to the final installation, and beyond. 

Close the sale, 
wherever you are.

Why limit yourself with a simple field-service platform when you can unlock the full sales potential a suite of advanced features designed to help you scale, elevate the customer journey, and streamline your operations. Experience a new level of efficiency by integrating your sales workflows with inventory management, scheduling, subscriptions, and so much more.

Centralized platform for sales, supply, and service

Keep your team organized and your clients satisfied

Streamline team coordination with internal notes, custom statuses, and task assignments, ensuring everyone is aligned. Enhance client communication with built-in chat, automated updates and real-time progress tracking, delivering a seamless and informed customer experience.

Cater to Diverse Client Needs

Simultaneously manage both residential and commercial clients’ needs with flexible payment options, advanced invoicing solutions, account statement automation, and more! Easily handle client subscriptions with customizable terms and automated payments through card or ACH.

Complete Inventory Oversight

Know your inventory levels at every step of the sales process with your purchase orders linked directly to the sale for a streamlined and transparent sales process. Manage multiple vendors with automated cost calculations, and track all stock movements with ease.


QuoteMachine’s built-in scheduling tool allows you to connect your own calendars to book appointments with your customers using your live availability. Easily access your team’s live availability to dispatch them where needed. Best of all? You can schedule appointments directly from your invoice or order to have it all linked back to the sale!

Discover the features that will transform you workflow

Benefit from the tools and resources you need to build a successful future.


Effortlessly create branded quote templates and offer a remarkable customer journey with interactive add-ons, fillable forms, signature fields, and more, all shareable via email or SMS.


Generate orders with ease and leverage tools such as customizable statuses, automated notifications, chat, and more to keep teams organized and customers up-to-date.

Built-in Analytics

React to your customer needs quickly with live editing tools and built-in analytics that track customer engagement. Stay connected at every step through built-in chat, email, or SMS.


Maximize your revenues with a sales-focused inventory management system equipped with tools to ensure order accuracy, monitor stock movements, automate stock calculations, and more.


Accept payments online and in-person, set up automated invoicing, accept partial payments, customize payment terms, accept ACH, and more.

Discover smarter workflows

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