Integrate QuoteMachine with your favorite apps

Streamline your operations by connecting all the tools you need.


Connect your Shopify store or POS with real-time sync of contacts & inventory to easily manage quotes, invoices, and customer interactions.


Combine QuoteMachine’s sales solution with Mailchimp’s automation tools to enhance the customer journey with targeted marketing campaigns


Seamlessly sync QuoteMachine with Lightspeed Retail, Lightspeed Golf or Lightspeed eCom for simplified sales and order management.

QuickBooks Online

Elevate your sales process and maintain accurate accounts with automated inventory, contace and invoice sync with QuickBooks Online.


Automate your workflows and optimize your business operations by connecting QuoteMachine with thousands of apps through  Zapier.


Sell with QuoteMachine, pay with Square. Connect your whole sales workflow from quoting to payments using your preferred method.


Transform your customer service by generating sales documents directly from your Zendesk tickets with real-time sync for effortless progress tracking.


Upgrade your CRM with access to advanced quoting, ordering and invoicing tools directly from your HubSpot deals, complete with real-time sales updates.

Contact our sales experts to learn more about how you can use QuoteMachine with your favorite apps