Pool & Spa Sales, Simplified

Stop depending on carbon paper, Excel spreadsheets, and a patchwork of different software to manage your business. 

Quotemachine's easy-to-use feature set helps Pool & Hot Tub businesses streamline their operations and add polish to their sales process. With QuoteMachine, you'll close more deals, scale more efficiently, and always get paid on time.

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Why take the plunge with QuoteMachine?


You’ll close more deals
Over 60% of quotes sent through QuoteMachine turn into sales.


Your business will grow
On average companies that use QuoteMachine see 30% YoY growth.


You’ll be in good company
We process more than $30 million in revenue monthly.


You won't pay anything to get started
You can start using QuoteMachine for free!

Wow Prospects with Easy-to-make Sales Documents

Create beautiful, customized quotes, orders, and invoices with images, videos, and detailed descriptions of your products and services.

Communicate Where Your Customers Want to

Send all your sales documents via email or SMS. You can even chat directly with your customers inside documents for fast feedback and easy editing.


Pool & Spa stores enjoy 50% off on their first 3 months of QuoteMachine with no startup costs!

Come on in. The water is great.

Get Paid Fast and On-time

Customers can virtually sign and pay invoices from any device. You can even customize payment terms, let your customers pay over time with partial invoicing, and offer automated credit card or online payment options on every sale. QuoteMachine also accepts ACH payments.

Streamline Your Sales Process

With QuoteMachine, you can track every interaction with your customer and even schedule appointments. You can also update your invoices and quotes in real time based on customer feedback. No more editing and resending documents manually.

Get Paid Fast and On-time

Don't know where to start when evaluating pool and spa sales software?

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Integrate with Other Tools and Software

QuoteMachine integrates with popular point of sale and e-commerce platforms to keep your inventory and customer profiles up to date while deepening your reports at every step of the sales and ordering process.

Connect to Your POS

QuoteMachine integrates with popular POS systems to give your customers frictionless purchasing while automating time-consuming bookkeeping work for you and your team.

Pool & Spa stores enjoy 50% off on their first 3 months of QuoteMachine with no startup costs!

Come on in. The water is great.