Streamline Sales with Smart Online Order Forms

One simple, seamless processs

Effortlessly create quotes, invoices, or simply collect deposits. Let QuoteMachine track all transactions and interactions, from views to conversions.

Create Your Templates

Customize templates to reflect your unique brand & tailor order forms to capture essential details with fillable forms, interactive pricing & more.

Publish Your Forms

Share them on your website, socials or in email campaigns with a unique link & easily manage availability with automatic expiry settings. 

Capture Your Payments

You can easily collect full or partial deposits with credit card or ACH directly on the order form, or later as the sale progresses.

Secure payments

Comply to the highest standards 
of security for your payments transactions

Payment detail storage

Safely save cards on file, accept ACH payments and deposits in a fully encrypted environment.

Privacy and safety

We are committed to the highest standards of security by offering PCI DSS level 1 certification.

Endless opportunities tailored to your needs

Create any type of form to capture client information, prepare orders, run exclusive campaigns and more.

Event registrations

Manage events flawlessly with beautiful registration forms to gather all reservation details, collect payments, and streamline your accounting with easy transfers of individual payments to the event’s account.

Equipment Reservations

Simplify equipment rentals and reservations with user-friendly online order forms that allow customers to select their products, fill in necessary information, answer questions, and pay deposits — all in one go.

Special Offers

Run limited time promotions complete with bundles and multiple choice options for your customers to select from, and avoid stock shortages with order limits that alert customers when stock is running low.

Exclusive Orders

Whether you’re managing sales with wholesaler pricing, re-orders for specific clients, or exclusive promotions, QuoteMachine lets you to easily control access to only allow certain customer groups to place orders.

Order Forms FAQ

An online order form is a document that can be used to gather data from a client for any type of business. Whether it is a complicated product with custom attributes and multiple variants or if it necessitates taking an appointment, reservation or other types of information to conclude a sale. 

Our order forms are designed with versatility in mind and it’s a great way to reduce back and forth communication and gather all necessary information in one place.

Here are some of the ways or customers use them: 

  • Trade shows: Speed up sales and lead generation where attendees can quickly complete sales on-site or at their convenience later, simplifying the process and allowing business to collect leads.
  • Quote requests: Customers can select their products, configure customizations, and businesses can collect all necessary information. QuoteMachine will create customer profiles and save all details for future reference.
  • Micro-sites for re-orders: Set up dedicated micro-sites for hassle-free re-orders, where only designated company contacts can place orders. You can have it automatically generate invoices, which can be directly billed to the company account.
  • Event Management: From golf tournaments to special events, businesses can manage on account charges or collect individual payments that can later be allocated towards specific accounts.
  • Contact information management: Efficiently capture and update essential customer details, such as measurements, emergency contact details, consents, etc.