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Automate Sales Operations with QuoteMachine & Zapier. 
Choose from over 7000 different apps.

Automate workflows with QuoteMachine triggers

Simply choose an event in QuoteMachine to trigger workflows that automate tasks across all your other apps.

Contact-based events

Initiate workflows when a contact is created, updated, or deleted in QuoteMachine to automate database updates or any other essential tasks to ensure up-to-date contact details across apps.

Sales-based events

Automate actions based on key sales activities, such as winning a quote or invoice creation. Trigger follow up sequences, notify teams or execute other steps in other apps to enhance your sales efficiency.

Payment-based events

Trigger automations when payments are made on quotes, orders or invoices to send confirmations, update financial records or perform any other tasks to streamline your payment process.

Trigger actions in QuoteMachine from other apps

Automatically find or add new contacts in QuoteMachine when an event happens something happens on another app such as a form fill out, ad engagement, or a new record added to your project management tool.


Create new ShipStation orders from newly created QuoteMachine invoices

Google Drive

Upload QuoteMachine invoices in PDF to Google Drive in one easy process

Survey Monkey

Create QuoteMachine organizations for new Survey Monkey responses


Send direct messages in Slack for new invoices created in QuoteMachine

Zoho CRM

Create contacts in QuoteMachine for new module entries in Zoho CRM

Google Sheets

Create spreadsheet rows in Google Sheets for new invoices created in QuoteMachine


Create QuoteMachine organizations from new GoCanvas submissions


Create QuoteMachine organizations from new Squarespace form submissions

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