Connect better

with appointments

Discover fully customizable scheduling pages,
personalized calendars and more to keep you organized.

Stay on top of things with integrated calendars

All the options you need to stay connected.


Set up appointments at any step of your project: from a quote, order, or invoice and have events linked right to the sale

Save multiple calendars

QuoteMachine allows you to connect multiple user calendars to your account to see real-time availability for all departments

Customize your hours

Set up your available hours with minimum booking notice, buffer times, & more to avoid any scheduling conflicts

Set time zone

Choose from any timezone, allowing you to book for multiple locations around the world.

Sync with your calendar

Scheduling pages

Create scheduling pages to capture bookings from your clients in one easy process.

Coordinate with customers

Allow your clients to connect their own calendars to scheduling pages to see common available times

Fully customizable contents

Create a different template for each use-case your company needs. Add custom forms, signatures and more.

Access real-time availability

See your live availability for all departments, locations, or users, with options to set multiple time zones.

Create events

Add an event to calendars at any step of your project: from a quote, invoice or order.

Custom filters

Use dynamic filters to easily view events based on locations, departments, customers and more.

Discover smarter workflows

Get tips and trick to upsell and upscale.