QuoteMachine for Shopify

Designed to Support Diverse Multi-Touch Sales Workflows

With a POS & eCommerce integration, QuoteMachine brings advanced invoicing and quoting tools to Shopify to elevate the sales experience for both online & brick-and-mortar merchants. QuoteMachine also supports a range of functions from subscription management, customer communication, account statement automation, and appointment bookings, making it a comprehensive solution for B2B and B2C retailers within a single platform.

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This 4 min video covers how to create quotes directly in QuoteMachine using your Shopify inventory and contacts.


In this 3 min video, you’ll learn how to create, send, and track your invoices through QuoteMachine, but synced with Shopify

Online messenger

See how you can add a customizable chat box to Shopify eCom for customers to reach out directly through the online store.

Features list

Seamless Integration

Interactive Quotes

  • Hide prices and set up a “request a quote” option on desired product pages in eCom store
  • Allow customers to choose or add products on quotes with interactive pricing to foster upsells
  • Add custom forms to collect necessary customer details, including multiple choice questions, image uploads, etc.
    Offer digital signatures and online quote acceptance
  • Use built-in analytics to track customer interactions with quotes, including frequency of opens and time spent
  • Effortlessly quotes into contracts or invoices for a seamless flow

Invoices/Accounts receivable

  • Generate invoices directly through the POS or online through the QuoteMachine app
  • Customize payment terms and set defaults under customer accounts
    Automate monthly statements on an individual or company level (for B2B businesses)
  • Create recurring invoices with flexible subscription terms
    Automate payment reminders with personalized emails
  • Keep track of receivables with detailed ageing reports

Online Messenger, Built-In Chat, & More

  • Add a messenger to the merchant’s online store to elevate the customer experience
  • Use built-in chat tool on all sales documents to stay connected with customers
  • Send emails directly through QuoteMachine & connect your email to send through your own account
  • Send sales documents, images, or message via SMS from QuoteMachine
  • Manage and track all customer communication in one place

Customizable Templates

  • Fully customize templates with merchant’s branding, images, videos, custom fields, and more!
  • Create templates for all sales documents, scheduling pages, and emails with personalized fields
  • Save unlimited templates with different layouts, requirements, and themes to cater to diverse client needs

Scheduling & Appointments

  • Connect personal calendar for access to live availability
  • Configure hours of operation, buffer times, minimum booking and cancellation times for individual scheduling pages
  • Create round-robin calendars for your team
  • Send scheduling pages for customers to book appointments themselves
    Link appointments & events directly back to sale
  • View everyone’s calendars to book appointments with anyone on the team

Online Order Forms

  • Create self-service order forms that can be shared through merchant’s desired channel via link
  • Order forms are fully interactive and can generate quotes or invoices with the option to take full or partial deposits
  • Ability to use customer tags to restrict access to order forms and run exclusive promotions
  • Set inventory limits and automatically inform customers when stock is low on a product