How to Accept Payments Through Shopify Checkout with QuoteMachine

It’s no secret that offering a seamless shopping experience can significantly improve customer satisfaction and increase sales. In this short video tutorial, we’ll walk you through the process of accepting payments through Shopify’s checkout, while taking advantage of QuoteMachine’s advanced, yet user-friendly, sales solution. By integrating QuoteMachine with Shopify, retailers can benefit from: 

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Elevate your customer interactions with customizable templates that reflect your brand, include custom forms, digital signatures, and a direct chat on quotes and invoices, allowing customers to communicate directly with your team. You can even integrate a chat box directly onto your Shopify store using QuoteMachine, creating a smooth and responsive customer journey from every step of the way. 
  • Seamless Sync: Thanks to real-time synchronization between QuoteMachine and Shopify, your team will always have access to the latest product availability and customer information in both platforms. This not only minimizes errors but also enhances operational efficiency by eliminating the need for manual data entry. Simply connect Shopify to QuoteMachine, and our system will automatically start syncing all data. 
  • Smooth Checkout Process: Offer your customers a hassle-free checkout experience with a “Pay Now” button embedded into all sales within QuoteMachine. This intuitive feature allows customers to confidently complete their purchase through the familiar Shopify checkout. You can easily enable or disable payments on your templates, and the Shopify checkout is embedded automatically, with no coding required, ensuring every customer interaction is smooth, professional, and intuitive.

The video gives you a glimpse into the powerful integration between QuoteMachine and Shopify. To learn more about our features, book a demo with our team to see how you can leverage QuoteMachine to transform your customer experience.

Integral Tutorial Video Transcript

This will be a quick video on how you can accept payments through the Shopify checkout. When your customers are on their invoice, we’ll see all of the information that you put available to them.

We’ll see the product items along with the groups, subtotals, fees and so forth. They’ll be able to easily and quickly sign their name and then they’ll be prompted to proceed to the checkout.

Simply click on proceed to checkout which will immediately push you to the Shopify checkout page that we’ll recognize right here.

As we can see, all the items have come over along with the subtotals. Simply input the information needed to pay along with the address and you’ll be good to go.

After clicking pay now, you’ll see that the order is processed, you’ll see that it’s been paid for and then back in QuoteMachine that the invoice has been fully paid.

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