Maximize Your Sales Potential with QuoteMachine.

Leverage the power of QuoteMachine's QuickBooks integration to maximize your team's online selling experience with interactive quotes, orders, and invoices that reflect your unique brand identity.

Integrated Quoting Tools

Create interactive sales estimates effortlessly using QuoteMachine’s real-time data from your QuickBooks contacts and inventory. Simplify the selling process, impress your customers, and close more deals.

  • Create easy-to-make interactive quotes with images, video, and detailed descriptions of your products and services
  • Communicate with customers directly in quotes and make edits on the fly
  • Send quotes through email or text and receive signatures online
  • Save quotes as templates for error-free sending and easy editing 

Ordering Features Linked to Your Inventory

QuoteMachine directly links to QuickBooks inventory and enhances your inventory management tools by offering reservation capabilities for specific orders. 

  • Keep customers in the loop with customizable order status updates
  • Changes can be made to orders until the final invoicing stage
  • Generate partial invoices if necessary, all of which can be tracked and linked to orders 
  • Create POs in QuickBooks directly through QuoteMachine to reserve items and have them linked to orders for a seamless workflow

Automated Data Transfer & Updates

QuoteMachine automatically pushes companies, contacts, quotes, invoices, and orders to QuickBooks, so you can focus on selling and stop manually transferring data.

  • Customer and inventory information available in one click from QuoteMachine accessing QuickBooks
  • Group invoices directly under one company account when dealing with multiple contacts
  • Keep track of payments at the individual or company level
  • Tax information and customer accounts are updated automatically

Easy Onboarding & Collaboration

Get ready to hit the ground running with QuoteMachine! Our system is designed for seamless collaboration, so your team can start using it right away after integration. Plus, we’ve got your back with our expert team and resources, ready to support you every step of the way.

  • Any staff member can use QuoteMachine with minimal training
  • QuoteMachine seamlessly links quotes, orders, and invoices, enabling your entire team to have a complete view of customer interactions
  • Built-in tracking tools provide real-time visibility and analytics into when customers view your documents and where they spend the most time
  • QuoteMachine’s support staff and knowledge base are available to help your team maximize the tool

Built for Businesses

We contribute to the success of businesses across a wide range of industries. Whatever your product or service, if your team is worried about the loss of QuickBooks Desktop or wants to streamline quote, invoice, and order creation in QuickBooks Online, book a demo with QuoteMachine today to learn more.