How to Accept Payments Through Shopify Checkout with QuoteMachine It’s no secret that offering a seamless shopping experience can significantly improve customer satisfaction and increase sales. In this short video tutorial, we’ll walk you through the process of accepting payments through Shopify’s checkout, while taking advantage of QuoteMachine’s advanced, yet user-friendly, sales solution. By integrating QuoteMachine with Shopify, retailers can benefit from:  Enhanced […]

How to create and send invoices on Shopify

Integrating seamless invoicing tools with Shopify eCom & Shopify POS just got easier, thanks to QuoteMachine’s innovative solutions. Efficiency and clarity are two important factors to consider when it comes to invoicing as it improves the customer experience and minimizes any inquiries or payment delays. This is where QuoteMachine’s integration with Shopify comes into play, […]

How to Send a Quote to Customers and Secure the Win

No matter which industry you operate in, competition is always growing, so getting your quotes right is key to securing new clients and growing your sales. A well-structured quote does more than just list prices—it shows your clients you understand their needs and are a reliable partner they can trust. But let’s be honest, making […]

How to create quotes in Shopify In this quick guide, we’ll explore the process of creating quotes with QuoteMachine, focusing on the Shopify integration. Whether accessing QuoteMachine directly from your web browser or through the Shopify apps tab, the workflow is designed for ease and efficiency. Once you’re in the quote section within QuoteMachine, you’ll find a list of all […]