Meet Subtotal Distribution

Company name: Subtotal Distribution Company size: midsized company In the surfboard industry, one company is making serious waves. Over 50 years, they’ve developed a proprietary method for creating surfboards that’s unmatched in the market. Each of their surfboards is handcrafted from start to finish by some of the world’s most skilled craftsmen. Their unique use […]

How to Drive Sales Growth with Mailchimp and QuoteMachine

When it comes to increasing sales conversions, efficiency and targeted communication are not just assets; they’re necessities. Recognizing this, QuoteMachine launched its integration with Mailchimp to help businesses unlock the full potential of their sales and marketing efforts. Let’s dive into how you can grow your sales effortlessly with automated follow ups, personalized marketing campaigns, […]

QuoteMachine Awarded ETA’s Top 10 Payments ISV’s for 2024

At the heart of the payments industry, the Electronic Transaction Association (ETA) plays a pivotal role by fostering within the payments ecosystem. Notable for organizing events like TRANSACT, ETA brings together a diverse mix of technology and service providers, financial institutions, and merchants in a collaborative effort to push the boundaries of what’s possible in […]

QuoteMachine now available on the Square App Store

Staying ahead often means embracing innovative solutions. Which is why we are excited to launch QuoteMachine on the Square App Store for users to take advantage of our advanced sales tools with their Square POS. This integration was designed to help businesses redefine efficiency in sales and payment processing, offering a seamless solution to streamline […]

Addressing Objections in Home Security & Automation Sales

Anticipating objections in home security and automation sales requires a good amount of empathy. Not only can security systems be a complex service offering, homeowners might feel like it’s more of a need than a want, it might even feel daunting to some to have to think through what a complete home system requires. That’s […]

Designing a Sales Process for Your Home Security Business

Thinking through how you want to guide and help customers through a sale is a great way to ensure you never miss an important step. From the initial quote to closing the sale, a salesperson’s ability to provide personalized service plays a pivotal role. Below are some tips for creating a seamless sales process for […]

How to Use QuoteMachine to Scale Home Automation & Security Sales

Whether you’re managing residential or commercial clients, the sales process can be a complex and time-consuming for home automation and security businesses. From the first contact to final installation and beyond, every step has its unique challenges and opportunities. QuoteMachine simplifies this process with a flexible system tailored for the varied demands of this industry. […]

Top 3 Cost-Effective Strategies to Increase Sales for Your Automation Business

As the demand for home automation continues to rise, it’s important to find effective ways to boost your sales and stay ahead of the competition. However, as a small to medium business, it can be challenging to allocate a large budget towards marketing and advertising. Which is why we have compiled a list of three […]

Steps to Take When Adding New Services into Your Print Business

As a print shop owner, expanding your business to include new services can be an exciting venture. However, it requires meticulous planning and execution to ensure the new additions to your service offerings are successful. This guide will provide you with the necessary steps to seamlessly integrate new services into your print business. Identify potential […]

To Expand Services or Not? Guide to Navigating Investment Decisions in Your Print Shop

In the world of printing, the decision to expand services is both exciting and daunting. It often entails significant financial commitment, which can be nerve-wracking for the family-owned print shop striving to grow. One cost-effective strategy to help you with this decision can be subcontracting as it allows businesses to test the waters before fully diving into […]