QuoteMachine now available on the Square App Store

Staying ahead often means embracing innovative solutions. Which is why we are excited to launch QuoteMachine on the Square App Store for users to take advantage of our advanced sales tools with their Square POS. This integration was designed to help businesses redefine efficiency in sales and payment processing, offering a seamless solution to streamline their sales operations.

In this article we will explore 7 key features you can use to upscale your business with QuoteMachine’s Square integration. 

1. Sync with all contacts

Enjoy instant, two-way sync of all of your contacts between the two systems. Whether you create new contacts or update existing ones in QuoteMachine or Square, changes will automatically reflect across both platforms. Plus, customer groups from Square seamlessly sync over to QuoteMachine, ensuring your customer relationships are managed consistently and efficiently in either system.

2. Simplify product or inventory management

Managing your product inventory becomes effortless with this integration. Any new products created automatically sync to both systems, regardless of which of the two platforms they originate from. Additionally, any product updates done in Square are instantly reflected in QuoteMachine to keep all inventory records consistent and accurate. 

Plus, you can access your live inventory levels directly within the sale when building out any quote, order, or invoice in QuoteMachine. Not to mention, any invoices created in QuoteMachine will automatically reserve inventory in Square,  offering a fully streamlined workflow.

3. Enhance your quotes and invoices

QuoteMachine’s integration with Square offers a host of benefits when it comes to estimates and invoices. With fully customizable templates that can be saved, you can create compelling quotes, orders, and invoices tailored to your brand. These templates support images, videos, files and more, allowing you to enhance your sales documents with your custom branding.

Additionally, you can take advantage of interactive features to provide options to your customers, custom forms to collect essential information and digital signatures to streamline the approval process and expedite transactions. You can also communicate with your clients through a built-in chat, email or SMS to manage client requests or questions with ease.

Learn more about QuoteMachine quotes here.

4. Streamline payments

All payments taken online on QuoteMachine invoices will seamlessly sync back to Square, allowing you to track progress directly within your Square dashboard. This works both ways, allowing you to take in-person payments with your Square POS towards any QuoteMachine invoice. Plus, the option to save cards on file makes managing payments with the QuoteMachine integration a breeze.

5. Create subscriptions

Manage recurring invoices or subscriptions in QuoteMachine with flexible payment intervals, personalized reminders, and automated payment collection with saved cards on file. Any new invoice will automatically sync back to Square to streamline your subscription management process.

6. Create online order forms

Unlock a world of possibilities with QuoteMachine’s versatile online order forms. Run targeted campaigns for specific customer groups, take pre-orders on your website, or leverage them for powerful lead generation such as allowing potential buyers to request quotes online. If it’s an existing customer, QuoteMachine will connect the sale to the correct customer account, and for new customers, it will create customer profiles in both QuoteMachine and Square for seamless sales and data management.

7. Integrate Appointments

Customize and create scheduling pages that you can link on your site or include in any quote, order or invoice to have client appointments connected directly to the sale. You can also connect your own personal calendar to access real-time availability for your team!

If you’re interested to learn how QuoteMachine can help you create quotes, invoices, receive payments and follow-up on clients in one streamlined process, don’t hesitate to book a free live demo with our sales specialist.

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