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Streamline your jewelry operations with QuoteMachine. Manage orders, client communications, inventory, appointments and fine-tune your custom creations all from a unified platform. 

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Create and send professional quotes to your jewelry clients

With QuoteMachine, every transaction is more than just a sale. Effortlessly create tailored experiences that mirror the quality and elegance of your jewelry. Craft branded templates for different occasions to add a personal charm to every sale.

Discover the features that will transform your jewelry store workflow

Benefit from the tools and resources you need to build a successful future.


Effortlessly create branded quote templates and offer a remarkable customer journey with interactive add-ons, fillable forms, signature fields, and more, all shareable via email or SMS.


Generate orders with ease and leverage tools such as customizable statuses, automated notifications, chat, and more to keep teams organized and customers up-to-date.


Ensure prompt and accurate billing with customized invoices that streamline payment tracking, due date management, and transparent record-keeping of your financial transactions.

Jewelry Inventory Management

Maximize your revenues with a sales-focused inventory management system equipped with tools to ensure order accuracy, monitor stock movements, automate stock calculations, and more.


Accept payments online and in-person, set up automated invoicing, accept partial payments, customize payment terms, accept ACH, and more.

Deliver a seamless customer experience

Internal notes

Leverage internal notes, customizable statuses and more to help your team stay organized and keep track of order progress.

Automate notifications

Keep your customers updated on their orders with customizable statuses and automatic notifications. You can set these up ahead of time and personalize it to increase customer satisfaction.

Discover smarter workflows

Get tips and trick to upsell and upscale