QuoteMachine Joins Elevate eCommerce North’s 2021 Cohort

We are proud to announce that QuoteMachine has been selected to be part of the eCommerce North startup accelerator program.

The six-month accelerator, launched by Elevate in partnership with Moneris will offer startups digital-first programming, one-on-one coaching, and access to a network of leading Canadian executives and entrepreneurs. The accelerator will also include coaching on how startups can scale initiatives such as sustainability, equity, and mental health as their businesses grow. The program will begin May 12 and will culminate in a demo day in November.

At QuoteMachine, we believe that the best digital commerce experience requires a shift of focus toward sustainable human relationships and away from the anonymous transactional consumption that people typically experience on online retail sites. We also recognized the need for retailers with different customer profiles (B2B, contractors) or complex sales processes (think custom bikes or full-service furniture stores) to connect easily with their customers and take in-person sales online so that the entire process is documented and feels simple and easy. 

With the support of eCommerce North coaching and network, we will accelerate our mission to create a more personalized, human approach to digital commerce. We will double down on our focus to help independent retailers going online without losing their personal touch.

From left to right — JD Rocheteau (CEO), Jonathan Muschalle (CTO)
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