QuoteMachine Awarded ETA’s Top 10 Payments ISV’s for 2024

At the heart of the payments industry, the Electronic Transaction Association (ETA) plays a pivotal role by fostering within the payments ecosystem. Notable for organizing events like TRANSACT, ETA brings together a diverse mix of technology and service providers, financial institutions, and merchants in a collaborative effort to push the boundaries of what’s possible in electronic transactions.

What are the ETA Awards?

Each year, the ETA’s awards highlight the achievements of those who not only excel in their field but redefine it. The ETA’s 2024 Top 10 Payments ISVs award honors companies and individuals for their groundbreaking products, adaptation to evolving technologies, in-depth commitment to customer success, and more. It’s an acknowledgment of those who go beyond meeting the industry standards to set new benchmarks for excellence and innovation.

With so many outstanding nominees this year, we are especially proud to have been among the 10 to receive ETA’s 2024 Top 10 Payments ISVs award. According to the ETA, “QuoteMachine has been awarded for redefining the payment process for SMB retailers, ensuring that transactions are not just secure and efficient but also strategically aligned with the sales journey and customer needs while also empowering salespersons to provide a custom solution from initial contact to final payment for high-ticket retail sales.”

This recognition is a testament to our team’s relentless pursuit of excellence and commitment to making the payment process not just a transaction, but a key element of the customer journey.

See full list of recipients here.

At QuoteMachine, we recognize the critical role that payments play, especially for high-value items or complex sales terms, and we are dedicated to serving retail, wholesale and service businesses alike that aim to offer an unmatched sales experience. Our mission is to ensure that every transaction not only supports the sales journey but also meets the nuanced needs of both customers and salespeople.

We are grateful to the ETA for this prestigious recognition and to our clients and partners for their trust and collaboration. Together, we are setting new standards for what is possible in the payments industry, ensuring that every transaction enhances the sales experience and contributes to the success of businesses worldwide.

As we celebrate this significant achievement and continue to transform the transaction experience, we invite you to see firsthand the difference that QuoteMachine can make for your business.

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