Platinum Friday : Offer your customers a VIP experience, supported by QuoteMachine

Typically, when we think of Black Friday, we think of long lines, steep discounts, crowded malls and busy parking lots. This model works well for some businesses, and generates many sales from new and existing customers alike. 

However, if you’re in the business of selling high ticket items, such as intricate made-to-order furniture, beautiful hand designed jewelry, or maybe fully customizable bicycles, this model might not work for you. 

QuoteMachine has a solution for you & we’re calling it Platinum Friday.

This year, we’re suggesting you reinvent the Black Friday experience, and make it work for your customer base. And, what better way to entice your customers than with a high-end, intimate sales event. Bring all your most valued customers together, entertain them with food and drink, and show off models of products of your choice. Then, have your customers easily place orders using a customized QuoteMachine Price List right from their phones. They can even put the order on their store account! 

Gather your customers

To start, gather a list of your VIP, most valuable customers. QuoteMachine makes exporting a customer list easy.

  • Filter by type and export results
  • Easily upload into an email list management software, such as Mailchimp.
  • Send out an exclusive event for your VIP customers only

In your email, you should mention this event is to offer the most valued customers an exclusive black Friday discount experience. Tell your customers that this will be a high end event where they’ll be able to view models of selected products, and easily place orders from their phones.

Have your guests register

Next, use QuoteMachine’s Price List feature to easily create an event registration form.

  • Customer information automatically syncs from the form
  • Set the registration to only be available to VIP type customers to limit availability
  • Set an expiration date to make sure you have numbers in advance

View an overview of using QuoteMachine to organize your platinum Friday event here. 

Prepare your products

Next, prepare which products you want to display and offer discounts on at your Platinum Friday event. You’ll need to display them at your event, so your customers can decide if they want to purchase them. 

  • Create different stations at your event with sales people at each one (this will add a personal touch as every customer will speak with someone)
  • Make sure your sales people are prepared to answer questions right away, and give customers the best experience possible

Create a checkout form

Create another Price List using QuoteMachine. This time, add all the products you’ll be spotlighting at your event, and add a special Platinum Friday discount to them.

  • Limit quantities available with constraint features
  • Use interactive options to foster upsells and add ons

Make it easy

At the event, your customers will be able to easily access the price list with a link and can make purchases directly from their phones. To make it even easier, you could turn the link for your price list into a QR code, and print it and display it at your event. You can create free QR codes using this program. Customers can even pay on their account and be billed later. You can even take the payment from a card on file, if applicable. 

Sell the experience

To take your event up a notch, we suggest offering your customers complimentary food and drink. This will add a more VIP feel to the event, and create an ambiance that your customers will appreciate and remember. 

Offering this high end, exclusive experience to customers on Black Friday puts the personal touch back into sales, and will make your customers feel valued and appreciated, leading to more sales for you! 

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