7 proven ways to grow your print shop

Running a successful print shop involves more than just producing high-quality prints. You need to ensure the business continues to grow and evolve. You can accomplish this by refining your sales processes, maximizing your online presence, and incentivizing your staff. If you want to enhance your reach and drive up revenue, here are seven proven strategies.

Always answer the phone

Let’s talk about the power of connection. In a world where digital interaction is common, it’s easy to forget the impact of a good old-fashioned phone call. When your phone rings, it’s not just a ring, it’s an opportunity – a chance to delight a potential client with prompt and personalized service. You can offer immediate assistance, address queries, and even guide a potential customer to a sale, all in real-time. If picking up the phone each time isn’t feasible due to the volume of calls or the need to balance various tasks, consider solutions like a virtual receptionist or an efficient answering service. These options can ensure every call is attended to, offering your callers a responsive and professional service. After all, a missed call can be a missed business opportunity. So, make it a point to embrace the ring and turn each conversation into a connection. Your clients will appreciate it, and your bottom line will reflect it.

Follow up on every quote

There’s a gold mine in the follow-up. While it’s tempting to look for the next big sale, remember that sales don’t always happen at the first pitch. The magic often happens in the follow-up. Following up on every quote you send conveys your commitment and shows your customers they are not just another transaction. Implement a three-fold follow-up strategy. This could be a blend of personalized emails and friendly phone calls spaced out over a reasonable time. This strikes the right balance between staying on top of their minds and not overwhelming them with constant contact. Let your customers know you’re there to answer any questions, dispel doubts, or simply chat about the quote you sent. If you’re working with a small team or have limited time, there are a ton of tools out there that allow you to create pre-personalized emails to make the follow-ups feel tailored without spending any time on them. A gentle nudge can often lead to the green light you’re waiting for. Remember, in the realm of sales, tenacity often reaps rewards.

Implement Good Sales Software

Embracing technology to take your print shop to new heights. When scouting for the right tools, prioritize those that integrate your processes and streamline your workflows. Especially in scenarios where resources like time are limited, platforms that streamline your workflow become invaluable, helping your team in saving time and reducing errors.

A powerful sales software can help you manage and oversee all your sales activities effectively, including the actual customer sales, subcontracts, inventory, and invoicing. An ideal platform should offer comprehensive solutions; for instance, with QuoteMachine you can create estimates, manage client communications internally, take payments, manage all aspects of inventory including purchase orders, and even account statements. Whichever platform you’re considering, ensure it can handle every aspect of your sales process in one unified platform as it will significantly streamline your entire workflow. This integration streamlines your entire workflow, allowing for efficient tracking, recording, and monitoring of customer interactions, giving you access to centralized data to help you better serve repeat clients make informed decisions about your business’s future.

Automation is another critical feature to look for. Implementing automated reminders, follow-ups, or payment collection can do wonders for your productivity and bottom line. Take it a step further by using a customer relationship management (CRM) system. This can help your marketing efforts and nurture customer relationships to ensure your business remains top-of-mind for past or potential clients for future projects.

Choosing the right sales software is an important decision. So, look for one that integrates well with your existing systems, is user-friendly, and offers reliable customer support. That way, you ensure a seamless transition for your team and the best possible use of the software. In cases where native integration isn’t available, bridging tools like Zapier can be extremely useful. In the grand scheme of things, the right sales software can be the catalyst that propels your print shop to unparalleled success.

Attend Local Business Events

Elevate your print shop’s presence in the community by immersing yourself in local business events. From chamber of commerce meetings to grand openings of local businesses, these occasions are ripe with opportunities for networking and lead generation. More than just a showcase of your print shop’s services, it’s your chance to converse with potential customers, learning about their needs and showcasing how your business can address them. It’s all about cultivating relationships and building trust. After all, when people need printing services, they’re more likely to turn to a local print shop they’ve connected with on a personal level. This also provides you with a great opportunity to see what other businesses do well, so you can apply those practices to your business. So, dress your best, arm yourself with your portfolio, and dive into your local business scene with gusto. By staying active and engaged, you’re not just promoting your business; you’re also bolstering your reputation as a community-minded business leader.

Take advantage of Google

Harnessing the power of Google can significantly enhance your print shop’s visibility and credibility. Begin by focusing on Google reviews- think of it as your digital word-of-mouth marketing. When a satisfied customer shares their positive experiences on Google, it can boost your credibility for potential customers who are likely to look for testimonials. And the beauty of it? The more positive reviews you have, the higher your print shop ranks in Google search results, attracting even more customers to your business.

How do you go about getting these positive Google reviews? It’s simple. Ask and you shall receive. Reach out to your happy customers and request them to leave a review. Be sure to make it easy for them by sending them a direct link to your Google review page with your request. Show them how they can leave a review; sometimes, a little bit of guidance can go a long way. Engaging with all reviews, positive or negative, by responding thoughtfully, shows your commitment to customer service and creates a sense of community around your brand.

Combine this with a little bit of advertising on Google Search to take your print shop’s visibility to new heights. Remember, advertising on Google Search isn’t about casting the widest net; it’s about casting the right one. Leverage Google AdWords to target specific keywords and tailor your ads to reach your target audience to draw in the type of customers that are most likely to use your services. to get the best bang for your buck, make it a point to regularly fine-tune your campaigns based on what’s working and what’s not and making strategic adjustments to enhance your reach and return on investment.

Google reviews improve your organic search ranking and build trust, while targeted advertising puts your services in front of the right audience. Together, these strategies can help you leave a lasting impression in the digital realm. Remember, the spotlight is waiting. All you have to do is step into it.

Incentivize your sales staff

Imagine a high-energy team, driven to not just meet but exceed sales targets. That’s the kind of powerhouse your print shop could have with a well-structured incentive plan in place. Introducing commissions for your sales staff can serve as a motivating force, spurring them on to bring in more business and expand your customer base. This win-win situation could be the catalyst for extraordinary growth in your print shop. But remember, your shop is more than just numbers and targets. It’s about delivering a superior customer experience. You want to make sure that while your sales staff is eager to close deals, the integrity of your services remains uncompromised. Maintaining a balance between quantity and quality is crucial. Your customers should never feel like they’re merely a tally on a sales chart.

In order to achieve this balance, consider implementing the following strategies:

  • Clearly defining your quality standards and ensuring your team is well versed in them
  • Foster an environment that encourages not just sales but also customer satisfaction
  • Reward staff not just for sealing deals, but also for creating delightful experiences for your clients.

Keep an open line of communication with your team. Regular check-ins and feedback sessions can give you insights into their challenges and victories, allowing you to tweak your incentive plan as necessary. Incentivizing your sales staff is an effective strategy that can transform your print shop’s culture, igniting a spark of enthusiasm that translates into more sales, more customers, and ultimately, more success. Use it wisely, and you’ll not only create a motivated workforce, but also a business poised for long-term growth and prosperity.

Implement new services

Diversification can be your ticket to growth. Offering new services not only increases your revenue stream but also makes you a one-stop-shop for your customers’ printing needs. Think about the services that complement your existing offerings. Maybe it’s large format printing, 3D printing, or perhaps personalized embroidery services. But before you dive in, dip your toes in the water by subcontracting. This allows you to test the popularity of the new service without making significant investments in equipment or training.

While you’re in the phase of testing out these services through a subcontractor, keep a close eye on the performance of these services, their acceptance among customers, and their contribution to your bottom line. This is where a good sales software or CRM system can offer you with actionable insights and data-driven directions for refinement. You can measure the demand, evaluate the profits, and then make an informed decision on whether to fully incorporate the service into your business.

If you’re considering expansion, click here for a guide on all the steps you should take prior to expanding your services. It can help you have a proper strategy in place to mitigate your risks and make the most of every new venture you embark on.

Growing your print shop’s revenue and expanding your customer base might seem challenging, but with these proven strategies, you are well equipped to take your business to new heights. Embrace the power of personal connection, technology, and local networking. Grow your customer base by increasing your online visibility, keeping your team motivated with well-structured incentives, and diversifying your service offerings. Remember, every small step you take can lead to significant growth over time. So, here’s to embracing change, seizing opportunities, and watching your print shop flourish.

If you’re interested to learn how a sales software can help you create quotes, invoices, receive payments and follow-up on clients in one streamlined process, don’t hesitate to book a free live demo with QuoteMachine.

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