Upselling 101 – A guide for bike shops

Bike shops are unique in that they operate as both retail and service businesses making customer retention just as important as the initial sale. This has led retailers to shift their focus on the customer experience as a key strategy for sustained growth. 

In this guide, we will explore practical ways that retailers can leverage platforms like QuoteMachine to transform the purchase experience and streamline their sales process. The goal is to share actionable tips that can lead to increased sales and stronger customer loyalty, offering a win-win scenario for both retailers and their customers.


Create a personalized quoting experience 

QuoteMachine allows bicycle retailers to create highly personalized quotes quickly and efficiently. This capability is crucial in a market where customers often seek tailored solutions, whether it’d be for repairs, custom bike fittings, or specific accessory combinations. By presenting detailed, visually appealing quotes that cater to individual preferences, retailers can significantly elevate the customer experience. This can also be an effective strategy to stand out from the competition when your proposals are customized to reflect your brand over using the generic quote templates. 


For instance, consider a customer interested in buying a high-end bike with modifications. Using QuoteMachine, you can start with pre-built quote templates that come with fillable forms, predefined products, and discounts. This not only streamlines the initial quote generation process but also provides full editable control for making any necessary customizations. It’s an effective way to save time while ensuring that each proposal is uniquely tailored to meet the customer’s specific needs.


Leverage interactive tools to make recommendations

Retailers have the opportunity to increase the value of each sale by leveraging QuoteMachine’s interactive tools within their quotes. This functionality allows items to be set as optional, multiple choice, or with editable quantities, allowing retailers to provide their customers options and a way to make their selections online. Studies have proven that such personalization in sales leads to a 40% increase in unplanned purchases. Which is why it’s always beneficial to include recommendations for extra accessories, complementary products, or services in your proposals. 


Take the case of a high-end bike purchase. If the customer couldn’t decide between two types of handlebars, you can present both as multiple-choice options within the quote, allowing them to make the decision and complete the purchase in the comfort of their home. You can also recommend accessories or services like a 5-year warranty as an optional choice to further customize the offering, giving customers the freedom to tailor their purchase to their specific needs and preferences. 


Use analytics and insights to tailor the sale

QuoteMachine’s ability to track customer interactions with quotes in real-time is a game-changer for retailers. It provides valuable insights into customer preferences and behaviors, such as the amount of time spent on a quote, interaction with the different products listed, or how long they spent on pricing. These insights can help retailers proactively tailor their recommendations, creating an even better purchase experience. QuoteMachine also allows you to see if customers are opening your emails – all of this data has helped retailers identify serious customers, allowing sales teams to allocate their time more efficiently.


Consider the scenario with the high-end bike. If you notice that this potential buyer repeatedly opens the quote, but is spending the majority of their time on pricing, this would indicate their interest and hesitancy with costs. Considering pricing is the issue here, you can take a look at their interactions with the quote and add a discount to one of the items they chose or propose a bundle deal. Such responsive actions demonstrate your attentiveness to the customer’s needs and interests, significantly increasing the likelihood of closing the sale.


Keep communication easy and open with buyers

QuoteMachine revolutionizes the traditional quoting process by enabling interactive communication directly within the quote. This feature allows customers to ask questions, request changes, or provide feedback in real-time. With the added capability of being able to make live adjustments on the quote, it eliminates the need for sending multiple documents with each revision to create a truly seamless and cohesive purchase experience. This functionality is available on all quotes, orders, and invoices making it particularly valuable when dealing with custom work or repairs which can require back and forth with customers.

Continuing with the example of the high-end bike purchase, once you’ve put a discount on the quote, you can contact the customer directly through QuoteMachine via email, SMS or the built-in quote chat. If the customer responds with requests for additional changes to their initial modifications, you can promptly make those changes, and do it remotely. These changes are immediately reflected on the same quote for the customer. This level of interactive and responsive service not only simplifies the process for both parties but also showcases your high level of customer service.



Offer flexible payment options

Whether it’s in-store or online, QuoteMachine allows retailers to offer flexible payment options tailored to customer needs. Customers can sign and pay online through credit or ACH on any sales documents from quotes and orders to invoices and account statements. The added ability to securely save payment details on file allows bike shops to manage recurring payments efficiently or minimize liability for rentals. Not to mention, QuoteMachine is enhanced with tools like payment tracking and automated reminders to ensure efficient and timely payments, adding another layer of convenience for both customers and retailers.


In scenarios such as the purchase of a high-end bike, where total costs, including modifications and accessories, can exceed $10,000, flexible payment options become particularly important. As pricing was a concern for the customer in this example, you can easily enable the option for customers to edit the payment amount to allow them to make partial payments towards the sale. Such adaptability not only addresses customer financial considerations but also reinforces the retailer’s dedication to providing a customer-centric buying experience.

QuoteMachine offers a unique blend of solutions to help bike shops transform their customer service, leading to increased satisfaction and sales. The tools within this agile commerce platform are designed to support unique multi-touch workflows to help simplify and streamline the sales process with a customer-centric approach. 


Beyond the purchase experience, QuoteMachine offers a comprehensive platform to manage inventory, work orders, credit accounts, appointments, and more. Discover the difference QuoteMachine can make in your retail operations by booking a free 1:1 demo to see how these features can be seamlessly integrated into your business, elevating your service and setting you apart in today’s competitive market.

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