Lightspeed partner program

QuoteMachine for Lightspeed Retail

(X-Series & R-Series)

QuoteMachine’s seamless integration adds advanced functionalities to Lightspeed retail to streamline the sales process from quote to order to invoice, including managing online payments, appointments and more! 

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Partner with QuoteMachine to earn a commission for every lead you send or sale you make. Please fill out the form if you’re interested, and our partnership director will be in touch.

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Share demo videos with your customers


Brief overview of the quoting tool and how it integrates with Lightspeed X-Series. 

Work orders

See how to seamlessly manage work or sales orders with QuoteMachine


Offer on-account payments with custom payment terms and track progress within Lightspeed

Intro to integrations

(2 min) Brief intro to QuoteMachine’s integration with Lightspeed R-Series.

Intro to integrations

(4 min) Quick overview of QuoteMachine’s integration with Lightspeed R-Series.

Full demo

(20 min) In-depth overview of QuoteMachine’s integration with Lightspeed X-Series. 

Features list

Work Orders

Sales Orders

  • Customize orders with detailed descriptions, images, custom forms, and more
  • Share orders with customers to keep them updated on order progress 
  • Manage communication with staff and customers in one place
  • Easily convert orders into invoices to easily track customer journey
  • Create POs in Lightspeed directly through QuoteMachine (linked for seamless workflow)

Invoices/Accounts receivable

  • Create online invoices and customize their templates to show the right information
  • Customize payment terms
  • Automate monthly statements on individual or company level (for B2B businesses)
  • Automate payment reminders and late fees with ease
  • Keep track of receivables with detailed reports
  • All payments and invoices synced with Lightspeed

Texting, Email, Chat and more

  • Use built-in chat tool on all documents to stay connected with customers
  • Connect your email to send emails through your own account
  • Leverage analytics to see customer engagement on all documents and emails
  • Manage and track all customer communication in one place

Interactive Quotes

  • Optimized for online viewing or printing.
  • Interactive options to foster upsells and allow buyers to choose products.
  • Ability to collect digital signatures and input custom forms.
  • Built in portal to take online deposits (partial payment options available).
  • Fully customizable quote templates with merchant’s branding, images, videos, merge fields, and more!
  • Turn quotes into orders or invoices to keep track of customer journey

Scheduling / Shop by appointment

  • Send scheduling pages for customers to book appointments
  • Connect to calendar for live scheduling tracking (Google, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.)
  • Link calendar events to projects or documents (quote, orders, invoice)
  • View everyone’s calendars to book appointments with anyone on the team


  • Collect online payments from any online document
  • Save cards on file and set up recurring or automated payments
  • Offer ACH payments and take advantage of ACH cap to minimize costs
  • Take in-person payments using the Lightspeed POS towards QuoteMachine sales
  • All payments and sales sync back to Lightspeed

Online Order Forms

  • Create self-service order forms that can be shared through merchant’s desired channel
  • Order forms are fully interactive and can generate quotes or invoices
  • Great for promotions with the added ability to take full or partial deposits
  • Set inventory limits and automatically inform customers when stock is low on a product 
  • Sample order form here to try for yourself and share with prospects