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Whether they’re simply managing tournaments and leagues or coordinating non-golf events like weddings and birthdays, QuoteMachine streamlines the entire process - from the initial proposal to tracking all event details. We provide a seamless solution that keeps all their data and operations synced with Lightspeed Golf.

Professional Proposals in Seconds

We’ve designed our quotes with a focus on closing deals by delivering an exceptional guest experience. 

  • Showcase the venue with rich content like photos, videos, and detailed descriptions.
  • Create personalized, engaging proposals with interactive options to suggest services, upgrades and diversify their offers.
  • Offer online payment forms and collect digital signatures on all quotes
  • Turn proposals into contracts to easily manage the sales process

Built-in CRM tools to increase conversion

Making a great first impression, keeping an open communication with clients, and ensuring every detail is attended to has never been easier. QuoteMachine has built-in CRM tools to help increase conversion rates, all of our documents come equipped with the following tools:


  • Customer engagement tracker to notify users when the client opens or interacts with the document.
  • Built-in chat tool to let clients ask questions directly from the quote, order or invoice and anyone from staff can take over if needed for a swift response
  • Ability to automate emails based on specific order statuses to notify clients of progress with BEO
  • All sales activities can be managed remotely by logging into QuoteMachine

How to sell

Offer Flexible Payment Options

Smooth transactions reflect the professionalism of the golf club. With QuoteMachine, they can offer their customers flexible payment options while keeping all financials centralized within Lightspeed. Some of the things they can do:

  • Collect payments in-person through Lightspeed or online through QuoteMachine and have all payments synced with the Lightspeed credit accounts.
  • Support credit card payments and bank transfers (ACH) directly on all documents including quotes, orders, invoices, and account statements.
  • Securely save cards and bank accounts on file to collect future payments with ease.
  • Offer partial invoicing, automated payments, and recurring billing as needed.


Banquet event module

Perfectly plan and execute every event detail with the Banquet Order Module. With this tool, they’re equipped to:

  • Securely collect installments online before the events begin and provide an exceptional guest experience by ensuring every event runs flawlessly.
  • Capture every important detail of the events, including setup times, expected guest counts, room locations, and menu choices.
  • Seamlessly integrate these event details into a centralized calendar for better team coordination and book appointments with customers directly through QuoteMachine.
  • Easily communicate with the team on progress using internal notes, customizable order statuses, and ability to assign individuals to specific line items to track responsibilities.

Online Event Registration

QuoteMachine now introduces an event registrations module, aimed to simplify event, league, or tournament management. With this new addition, they can:

  • Collect registration details through interactive online forms 
  • Record individual payments or account charges online 
  • Transfer individual registration payments to the event’s account, ensuring clean, streamlined accounting – all synchronized with Lightspeed
  • Ensure registrations and event billing are perfectly integrated with Lightspeed and their accounting solution.

Key benefits

Online Event Registration

Design registration experiences tailored to specific events with various options and customizable quantities. Handle online payments smoothly and maintain pristine accounting with our system syncing individual registration payments directly to the event’s account.

Streamlined Sales Process

Digitize quotes, BEOs, contracts, and invoices for an enhanced sales journey. Facilitate online payments and installments with ease. Save time and effort on creating engaging, personalized documents with interactive upsell opportunities.

Enhance The Customer Experience

From initial proposal to contract completion, QuoteMachine streamlines operations for better guest experiences. Showcase the venue with rich content, diverse offers, and direct deposit collections and keep communication open with clients through online chat.

Unified Data Management

Gain complete control over operations with our real-time synchronization of quotes, invoices, contracts, and customer data between Lightspeed Golf and QuoteMachine. Keep payments and house accounts in check with our integrated system and have payments automatically recorded across all platforms to ensure accuracy.

Selling tips for different roles

Event coordinators are concerned with the efficient organization of events and delivering an exceptional guest experience. Highlight the benefits of centralized event planning, customizable quotes, and efficient event task management.

  • Show them how they can create highly customizable quotes with rich content like photos, videos, detailed descriptions, and more.
  • Note that with the ability to store multiple templates, it not only saves them time, but also a ton of effort on preparing proposals that feel tailored to the type of event and the individual customer – giving them more time to spend on essential tasks without compromising on the customer experience
  • Note that the interactive features, such as the ability to add optional items, make it easier to upsell on complementary services and recommended upgrades
  • Highlight how they can go back and forth over chat with their customers, collect digital signatures, and deposits all within the same online proposal for a seamless customer experience
  • Point out the integrated appointment scheduling which will make coordinating meetings and appointments easier

Accountants value accuracy, efficiency, and transparency in financial operations. Showcase the seamless Lightspeed Golf synchronization, automatic payment tracking, and easy transfers of registration payments to specific event accounts.

  • Highlight the two-way sync with Lightspeed Golf, which will centralize data and reduce discrepancies, leading to more accurate financial reporting.
  • Emphasize on the ease of transferring registration payments to specific event accounts, resulting in cleaner, more streamlined accounting practices.
  • Note how flexible invoicing options and the ability to take partial payments can simplify cash flow management.
  • Discuss how easily they can collect installments from customers online to secure the deposit before the events and have all records stored within the customer profile to keep track of all payments and the entire customer journey.

Golf management businesses are focused on maximizing the use of their facilities and offering a diverse range of services. Promote the convenience of managing various events on a single platform, self-service registration forms, and the profitability of data centralization.

  • Highlight how they can get visibility on the event activities and standardize them, all the while eliminating the need for paper forms 
  • Mention how they can create BEOs that lets them define every detail such as setup times, expected guest counts, room locations, menu selections, etc. and they can use our online self-service registration forms with payment options for added convenience to clients 
  • Point out the ease of managing both golf and non-golf events such as weddings, conferences, birthdays, etc. all within the same platform, allowing them to streamline the preparation process by tracking all event details and tasks in one place, significantly  simplifying coordination efforts
  • Emphasize how they can grow revenue from events with a flexible set of tools and keep all financials centralized within Lightspeed
  • Note how they can sync their calendars to have it centralized to optimize room booking


Plans Features & Recommended Pricing

Base Plan

Event Sales & Management



  • Online Quotes, Contracts, and Invoices
  • Online Payments on All Documents
  • Digital Signature
  • Banquet Event Order Module
  • Calendar Sync

Feature Add On

Event Registration Module

What it allows customers to do:

  • Collect registration details through interactive online forms
  • Record individual payments or account charges online
  • Ensure registrations and event billing are perfectly integrated with Lightspeed and accounting solution
  • Easily transfer individual registration payments to event’s account

Sales Support & Onboarding

While QuoteMachine doesn’t sell the product directly, we’re here to assist you in every step of the way. Contact us on Slack #quotemachine. To get assistance, click the link below to request an onboarding once you’ve signed up the customer or email our team if you need help with closing the sale.