How to use web quotes to gain credibility and sell more – A guide for windows and doors businesses

In the Windows and doors industry, the time between quote request and acceptance can be prolonged due to the detailed coordination required with customers. In this context, it becomes imperative to not only capture sales opportunities quickly, but to make quotes work to your advantage. We’ll show you how to make a quote as a sales and marketing tool.

Using a web quote template to capture the sale opportunity right away

Creating a template quote can allow you to send your quotes quickly. Whether the client is just leaving the store or wants to make choices right away with a sales person, having a strong template can really ease the process and make the client want to buy from you… and not the competition.


In the sales tool section, you can create templates for documents, or any type of quotes, invoices and more. We strongly recommend companies to use templates to their advantage and make their sales happen without delay, whatever the client request might be, you will be ready.

Adding fillable forms
With QuoteMachine, you can add fillable forms to any quote. We strongly recommend using this tool to allow you and your customer to have as much detail as possible before a delivery or installation. It might even just make you gain some time, because you might not have to come make measurements yourself! Making good use of fillable forms also will let your client know you are listening to its particular needs, which is very important.


Make your brand seen
Selling is all about making an impression. By using a quote that allows you to display your brand, your pictures or videos, you gain credibility.

What we recommend: 

  1. When using a web quote, make good use of the first section to display a nice logo, your brand name, or a nice picture of your signature product. It will make you remembered by your customers or prospects. 
  2. Adding a short introduction about your company is always a nice touch, especially if you are local. We encourage you to add a short description of your company in your quote, it will give your client another great reason to seal the deal at your business and not anywhere else.

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