How to use customers insights – A guide for Kitchen and Bath businesses

Re-doing a kitchen, or a bathroom can be one of your client’s biggest decisions of the year. Especially in these times where everything is sky-rocketing in terms of price. In this context, it is crucial to remember their realities and capture their insights to deliver not just a good service, but to react and adapt to their demands and expectations. We’ll see how you can gather those insights and make the right decisions for your business.

Following up on conversations

One of the first things you should do is take notes about their buying behaviors. Most retailers use a counting sensor to know how many people enter a store to be able to know the average basket price and how many left empty handed. But that strategy does not always tell you more about your client’s expectations, unless your sales representatives have engaged in a conversation with each one of them individually. The other usual tactic is to ask them for their emails to be able to send them special offers. But again, it does not always tell you more about their expectations in the first place.

One of the things you can do to gather more data is by using web-quotes or invoices for your more complex or customizable product offer. When using web-based quotes, you will notice if clients often come back with the same questions, allowing you to gather real feedback. It is imperative to be flexible when it comes to your business offer and display more options than less to choose from. Because the more options you can give them, the more consumer data you will get. Having a very good quote or invoice template, built based on consumer feedback can really become a game changer as a business strategy in itself. Because being able to track comments and questions from your customers and prospects will provide you answers on their expectations, allow you to have better inventory planning and overall build better relationships with your customers.

Key takeaway: Your consumer will tell you what they expect from your business. By being able to track their comments and feedback, you will know exactly what needs to change. You should adapt your offer on that basis and not your instinct only.


Setting a goal

Setting a realistic goal can be tricky, but it is also an important part of your business’ short and long term success. Using data is the best way to set a realistic goal. Looking at sales numbers and being able to understand what the numbers mean to your specific industry is very important. In this period of inflation, sometimes we have to read the numbers differently. Because spending habits might be shifting in our particular industry. Renovating or redesigning a kitchen is more expensive than buying soap and it could oftentimes be considered a luxury. Which is why we have to make sure we understand the “why” and the “how” of our customers.

In this context, allowing more payment methods in-store or on the web, can result in a positive impact on your global sales. Offering and tracking different payment methods will also allow you to gather information about their buying patterns and preferences in terms of price range versus payment methods. Gathering data on those behaviors will help you set realistic goals in terms of margins and growth. Again, the more options you can give and track, the more you will be able to forecast. Here is an example; If you notice a change in your consumer habits, that some of your more expensive items that used to be good sellers are not selling as well this year, maybe it is a sign that you should probably offer multiple payment options to alleviate the perceived cost for your consumer or use a special offer on products where you are making a bigger margin, to make them enter the store.

Key takeaway: Your business goals should be determined by analyzing the spending habits of your customers in relation to a global context. Tracking payment methods, favorite items and average basket or service price, will help you set realistic goals and react with the right strategy.


QuoteMachine can help you achieve your goals by gathering data about your consumer’s feedback, buying behavior and expectations. Schedule a call with one of our sales representatives to learn how.

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