How to Evaluate the Best Pool and Spa Business Software to Manage Sales and Payment Processing

If you’ve been in the pool and spa business long enough, you know the importance of streamlining your sales process, and that excellent customer experience can be the difference between a big sale and a shopper turning to a competitor. 

The right business software will help you sell more, manage inventory more efficiently and create a better customer experience. 

Great software is out there, but unfortunately, many retailers fall into the trap of sticking to a software or method they’ve been using for a long time because “that’s the way we’ve always done it.” This way of thinking is why some businesses rely on carbon paper or clunky software to manage essential business functions. Failing to re-evaluate your software to see if it truly fits the needs of your business can cost you big time. 
With that in mind, let’s examine key elements and features to look for when evaluating pool and spa business software.


When it comes to software, if you want your team to use it, it needs to be easy to use. 

If a solution requires extensive training to be used effectively, then chances are it will be gathering digital mothballs before too long.

When evaluating software for your business, look for a user-friendly interface with intuitive navigation and clear instructions, so your sales team can focus on selling rather than learning the software. Additionally, the software should have a clear and concise reporting system that makes tracking your sales and performance easy.


Quote Generation

Beautiful quotes turn into paid invoices. First and foremost, your quote-generation software should make prospects want to buy your product. 

Your quote generation system should include customizable templates and product catalogs, so you can quickly create quotes that reflect your business’s offerings and pricing. Bonus points if the software can create upsell opportunities. 

The more you can trick out your quotes, the better. Look for tools that can add engaging media, like videos, images, and comparison options to your quotes.

Payment Processing

Your software should provide a secure and efficient way to process payments and allow you to accept popular forms of payment like credit cards, ACH payments, or checks without putting your customer’s financial information at risk. 

Look for software that integrates with popular payment gateways, such as Square or Stripe, so you can efficiently process payments and manage your financial transactions. The software should also offer an option to accept partial payments over time to give your potential customers added flexibility.

Communication Capabilities

Your sales software should be flexible enough to send customers sales documents via their preferred method of communication, e.g., email or SMS. Otherwise, you risk your prospects going cold while your communications are left unread. 

Top sales software goes beyond traditional communication channels and enables you to have conversations with customers inside quotes and invoices for faster feedback and clear next steps. The capability to have real-time discussions inside sales docs when a shopper is about to make big decisions on their new pool or spa is a game-changer. 

Customer Journey and Lead Management

Your software should provide a centralized database for all your leads, allowing you to easily track and manage your sales opportunities based on their source, stage, and priority, so you can quickly prioritize your sales efforts. 

If you have a CRM in place, your sales software must be able to integrate with it. Otherwise, you will waste time trying to transfer and track information manually. 


As your pool and spa business grows, so will your sales volume, and you need software that can handle increased demand. Look for software built on a flexible platform that can easily accommodate new features and functionalities as your business grows. 

Speaking of growth, this is a good time to mention that pool and spa businesses using QuoteMachine average 30% YoY growth after they start using our platform. 

Integrations with your Current Toolset 

Having all your tools on the same page is crucial for the success of your pool and spa retail business. If they’re not, you might face inventory problems, missed payments, and lost sales opportunities. That’s why it’s important to choose sales software that seamlessly integrates with the tools you already use for bookkeeping, payment processing, customer management, and commerce. 


Your pool and spa business is unique, and your sales software should have the flexibility to reflect that. 

The software you choose should be highly customizable to match your business’s needs and workflows, from quote creation to payment processing. Personalization will help streamline your sales process and improve your customer experience.


The right pool and spa sales software can help you sell more, save time, and build better relationships with your customers. Don’t settle for outdated software or pen and paper.

Schedule a time to talk about your business with a member of team QuoteMachine. 

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