How to Elevate Your Landscaping Business: Boost Sales with an Agile Commerce System

In the world of landscaping and garden decoration, small to medium business owners understand the importance of creativity, precision, and delivering exceptional results. However, the business side of things can often pose challenges, especially in managing sales processes efficiently. For instance, in the landscaping industry, clients want to feel like they are part of the process. They may require multiple estimates and proposals before making a final decision, leading to a lot of back-and-forth communication and revisions, making it a time intensive process.


We will show you how an agile commerce system can help you manage your sales workflows and make a significant difference in your sales journey.


Streamlining Your Sales Journey

Efficiency with Heart: As a landscape and garden decorator, your time is valuable, and every project requires meticulous attention. Providing white-glove service to your current clients and captivating prospects requires a sales software that aligns with your unique sales flow. 


In certain cases clients will ask for changes on a proposal, but with a standard quote, we usually cannot gather their feedback, creating a disjointed customer experience. What is interesting about QuoteMachine is that you can track comments directly on the quote, see the options they are choosing and make live edits for your clients to see your modifications in real-time. In this case, having an interactive quote can really be a game-changer because it will prevent you from all those back-and-forth emails. You won’t have to create and resend a new quote every time or search through different proposals. It’s not just a PDF, it is acting as a microsite.


Leveraging tools that streamline your sales process and allow you to create a seamless customer experience is key to operational efficiency and growth. In this particular industry, it’s especially important to have a centralized system for customer communication, whether that’d be email, online chat, or sms – such a system makes it easier for teams to provide exceptional customer service to help you stand out. This centralized approach also allows you to track the entire customer journey, helps your team work more efficiently and focus on what you do best – creating stunning outdoor spaces.


Tailored to Your Needs

In the world of landscaping, it can be especially challenging to find systems that understand the unique challenges of this industry. Adopting versatile solutions that can support the intricacies of your sales process is crucial. Which is where an agile commerce system with a suite of features crafted to align seamlessly with your sales workflow while giving you the flexibility to adapt to your unique needs can significantly improve your sales process and customer experience. Here’s how you can achieve that:


Show your brand your way

By being able to send beautiful, branded quotes, your client is more likely to remember you.

With QuoteMachine, you can present customizable quotes enriched with photos or videos of your previous work to your clients. By using web-based quotes, your clients will also have the ability to choose different services or designs for their outdoor spaces in one click. 

Transform any quote into an invoice

Once they have chosen the proposal, you can transform the quote into an invoice, allowing your clients to pay online. Again, no paper, no emailers and no waiting make happier clients. If there are supplies you need to order you can easily create a purchase order before you invoice with all the documents linked together for a streamlined process. We also offer flexible payment options to choose from, whether online or in-person, and allow you to take payments at any stage of the customer journey.

Create a database

Each time you create a quote, order or an invoice, the system keeps their information in your company’s unique database. This database is a great way to analyze and track every transaction and make adjustments if needed to your business plan and offer. Data is the word of the 21st century. Embracing a data-driven approach is essential to making impactful decisions that positively transforms your business. 

Here is how you can use QuoteMachine’s system to manage and track your operations:

  • Credit management – create custom patent terms on invoices to suit each client’s needs and enhance efficiency with recurring billing automation that can support your operations like a professional accounts receivable agent with tools such as built-in aging report, automated statements, payment reminders, and more. 
  • Payment tracking: you can offer flexible payment options to cater to client preferences. Whether they pay online, in-person, or allow you to save cards on file for you to automate payments, the system will track it all under the customer profile, the sale or in a separate payment report to track any client payments easily.  
  • Customer journey tracking: in addition to transactions, all correspondence, notes, appointments, or purchase orders linked to the sale are automatically recorded and stored to make the entire customer journey traceable for efficient client management.

From estimating project costs, through ordering, invoicing and final payment, you need a system that can accommodate your clients needs, offer a personalized touch for each prospect and that is agile enough to set you apart. 


In the dynamic world of landscaping and garden decoration, success involves not only creating beautiful outdoor spaces but also managing your business with precision. We have outlined the importance of streamlining your operations how we can help make your sales journey simple for you and enjoyable for your customers. If you are interested in seeing how you can use QuoteMachine to your advantage, don’t hesitate to book a free demo with one of our specialists.

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