Branded videos


Easily create quotes and invoices that look great on any device, help you sell more, and automate your workflows.


Quickly create quotes and invoices from your Lightspeed inventory. Define custom payment terms, manage accounts receivable, collect credit card or wire payments online.


Onsite to Retail

Your quotes and invoices look stunning and bring your productivity further with online payments and recurring billing.


Recurring billing

Set your invoicing and payments on autopilot thanks to cards on file and recurring billing.

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Turn your customers into members by selling subscriptions and start developing recurring revenue.

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Quote with images

Make a great impression with quotes that contain photos, videos, and detailed descriptions of your products and services.

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Payment terms

Customize payment terms for every customer. Net 15, Net 30, 10% deposit, installments, etc.- you have full control.

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Card on file

Make it easy for your customers and your cash flow. Save the card on file to charge future invoices automatically.


Account receivable

Managing AR is easy with the right reports and the right tools to collect payments and remind your customers with account statements

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Payment link

Send quotes and invoices with a payment button and collect credit card or wire payments.

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Corporate accounts

With professional invoicing, you can develop business with corporate accounts.

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Digital signature

Save time and secure orders quickly by getting digital signatures on the documents you send.

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Custom order

Customize offers to your customers without limit and provide an outstanding order experience.

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Sell and collect payments in several currencies.