QuoteMachine offers the best integrated invoicing and AR solution.

Watch the demo to see what the invoicing and AR features in Lightspeed POS look like:

Get paid on time​

Make sure you’re getting paid thanks to online payment, cards on file, statement automation, and much more.

  • Accept online payments and offer credit card or ACH payments options on every invoice, available right from the register screen
  • Store credit cards on file securely to trigger payments at the right time
  • Customize payment terms and automate recurring payments
  • Have a digital signature added to all your documents

Keep track of your receivables​

QuoteMachine offers the best integrated invoicing and AR solution.

  • Dashboard and reports show you right away when an invoice is overdue
  • Invoice tracking tells you when your customers don’t open your invoice
  • Generate professional statements from your credit accounts
  • Automate account statement creation

All your data under one roof

Stay in sync with your Lightspeed Point Of Sale software​.

  • Quotes, invoices, payments and credit accounts – all synced in real time with Lightspeed
  • The inventory levels in all your locations automatically updated
  • Same customer base available from both Lightspeed and QuoteMachine
  • All your favorite Lightspeed reports always up to date with everything that happens in QuoteMachine


The most complete solution for retailers

QuoteMachine lets you personalize the online selling experience that increases customer satisfaction and sales.

  • Create beautiful documents that show off your branding and enriched product descriptions.
  • Sell more with interactive quotes and order forms designed to personalize the online experience and optimized for contactless sales.
  • Collect payments and increase upsells thanks to online interactive quotes and orders.
  • Sell through social media, organize contactless sales and pickups with interactive price lists, scheduling and online order forms.

We’re offering an exclusive discount to Lightspeed users on a QuoteMachine subscription.

Lightspeed users receive a discount on their first year with QuoteMachine. This exclusive offer is valid on all plans. Subscription can be stopped every month free of charge. 

Sign up for a 7-day trial to find out how QuoteMachine can help grow your business.

*Offer valid for a first year subscription to QuoteMachine Regular plan, accessible to Lightspeed users only and if paid for one year in advance. Monthly price becomes USD 39 for QuoteMachine Regular plan if paid on a monthly basis and accessible for Lightspeed users only. Offer available from 07/13/2021 to 08/31/2021. Subscriptions can be cancelled free of charge each month.