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Overview videos of the key features across all verticals.

High-level key selling points

A complete Work order/ Sales order module 

  • No matter the complexity of the merchant’s sales/service process, you have a solution that works with X-Series.
  • Any business that offers service or deals with custom orders needs it
  • Example: Bike, Jewelry, Furniture, etc.


Advanced invoicing and B2B solution

  • Invoicing with payment terms, automate statements, customizable templates.
  • Any retail store doing B2B or wholesale will benefit.


Stunning Quotes

  • Quotes created with QuoteMachine convert 70% of the time. They can be built in minutes as sales associates talk with customers, sent out by text or email (like all QuoteMachine documents), include online chat, and foster upsells with optional items/multi-select, have digital signature and online payments.
  • If a business is already quoting, they’ll love the built in features, if they don’t already quote, they can grow their business with new avenues. Perfect for high converting quotes for big ticket retail, high end retailers, service business, home automaton, installation services and more!

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Work orders

Ways to Sell - B2B - Section Visual - Streamline your operations (1)
Texting, Email, Chat and more: all-in one communication and CRM tool
  • Send quotes, orders and invoices through text or email
  • Send documents via a custom email
  • Leverage analytics to see how engaged your customers are
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Interactive Quotes

  • Optimized for online viewing or printing
  • Interactive options to foster upsells or like buyers select products
  • Ability to collect a digital signature
  • Built in portal for capturing online deposits
  • Customizable quote design without limits (Images, videos, merge fields, forms etc.)
Ways to Sell - Invoices - Section Visual - Keep track of your receivables

Invoices/Accounts receivable

  • Create online invoices and customize their templates to show the right information
  • Customize payment terms
  • Automate monthly statement
  • Send payment reminders easily
  • Keep track of receivable with detailed reports
  • All payments and invoices synced with Lightspeed
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Scheduling/Shop by appointment

  • Send scheduling pages
  • Connect any calendar (Google, Yahoo, etc.)
  • Link calendar events to projects or documents (quote, orders, invoice)
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Sales orders

  • Customize orders with detailed descriptions
  • Track progress and communicate it to customer thanks to online documents
  • Invoice partially
  • Reserve inventory for orders
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  • Get payments from any online document
  • Save cards on file
  • Use ACH or other popular payment solutions like Bancontact, IDEAL, etc. (Integration with Stripe)
  • Standard payments from the POS
  • All payments and sales synced with Lightspeed
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Online order forms

  • Create self-service order form to promote special offers, sell from social media