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Add payment terms to your sales

  • Invoicing options available right from the register screen
  • Generate professional statements from your credit accounts
  • Use credit card on file or accept online payments from any invoice
  • Digital signature on all your documents

Quotes on steroids

  • Tell more about your products by showing all their attributes (photos, brand, etc.)
  • Customize product descriptions and document without limit
  • Organize products and categories the way you like
  • Upsell thanks to interactive options

Flexible sales order managment

  • Create a sales order from a quote
  • Special order and Purchase order tracking per line
  • Order status update and custom status
  • Invoice orders, even partially
  • Accept online payments

All your data under one roof

  • Quotes, Orders and invoices synced in real time with your POS or E-commerce¬†
  • Inventory in all your locations available from QuoteMachine
  • Same customer base available from your POS, E-commerce¬†or QuoteMachine
  • Payments and credit accounts fully synced
  • All your favorite POS reports always up to date with everything that happens in QuoteMachine

Works with what you sell and how you sell

Every business is different and we pride ourselves on contributing to your success with the right solution.