Transform your training business.

QuoteMachine helps you sell training with engaging proposals and frees you from time-consuming booking management.


Create proposals


With custom templates and your own catalog, you can send proposals in minutes.

Put an end to scheduling nightmares

Your customers can self-book their training based on the availability of your professional training team.

Stand out from your competition

Modern proposals that look good on any device and give your customer control on the number of participants and options.

From proposal to scheduling, QuoteMachine+Calendly transform your training business

Right from the proposal, your customers can book the courses you’ve just sold based on the availability of your staff.

Let us show you how it works for your business

Pricing engine

You can price based on the number of participants, the duration or any unit. QuoteMachine also has you covered for more complex pricing like volume-based, recurring, etc. You can even define custom formula so you always get your price right.

Your own courses catalog

You can store training and services descriptions in your own catalog. This way you will be able to reuse them to build consistent offers.

Self-serve booking

Thanks to the QuoteMachine+Calendly integration you can define which team members are able to give a course and have your customers book a time that works, right from your proposal, as soon as they have accepted it.

Automated coordination

Scheduling, cancelation and reminders are all taken care of thanks to the Calendly integration. Your staff knows what to do and get their calendar automatically updated (Office 365, Google, Outlook or iCloud).


engagement tracking

Once your proposal is sent, QuoteMachine tells you what happens to your offer in real-time. You know when your customers read the offer, how much time they spend on it, what they spend the most time reading, or simply that it’s approved!


With our editor, we help you design reusable templates that work on any device. You can have as many of them as you want, so you always have one handy for each type of customer.